Jansen develops and manufactures sophisticated steel profile systems for windows, doors and façades. With the help of a wide range of products for multiple use, Jansen sets new standards in terms of quality, forms and durability.

The group of reference facilities in Poland include Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, Kielce Trade Fairs, POLISH TELEVISION Building....




Due to its specific featuress, steel is an indispensable material in modern construction. Currently refined technical profile systems allow for production of modern doors, windows as well as complex glazed façades and spatial structures.

Swiss steel joinery systems of JANSEN AG have been known for years on the European market as high quality products meeting highest technical standards.

KÖNIG STAHL is the exclusive distributor of JANSEN building systems in Poland.



König Stahl Sp. z o.o.
02-677 Warsaw
Ul. Cybernetyki 10

tel.: 0-22 5496 101
fax.: 0-22 5496 123

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